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PowerHouse Brands

Sep 30, 2021

Learn exclusive insights from Kota Ivers, CEO of Join Seed Solar and CSO of Online Door Knockers (and a master in Door to Door Sales), on how to supplement lead generation, optimize sales systems, and scale your teams. PLUS, Kota shares exclusive details on how he made over $80,000 dollars in a week just using his Instagram page, and with $0 AdSpend! 
Quotes to remember: 
  • “A lot of it comes down to the documentation side of things and like being super transparent.[...] I think we're moving into an age of authenticity where people value that more than almost anything else because there is so much BS.” 
  • “You just have to weigh the pros and cons of whether or not there's going to be a result, which like, after listening to this, I hope people realize there is a result. Like there is a lot of good that can come from this. Like this stuff works and it has worked and it's going to continue to work. And so just knowing that there is a return, you just got to train yourself to do it. It's the same as going to the gym or anything else. Like it's a habit.” 
  • “If you can sell Door to Door, you can sell anything.” 
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