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PowerHouse Brands

Oct 6, 2021

What does one of the greatest basketball players of all time - and expert serial entrepreneur- have to say about improving your company’s teams? Learn about the one-on-one conversation Los had with Magic Johnson on what to do when 80% of the work is only being done by 20% of the team; and the unique advice this Hall of Fame legend gave Los to ensure a championship mentality, growth, and success for yourself and your team. 
Quotes to remember: 
  • “Winners win. So do you have winners or do you not have winners in your office?” 

  • “What's going on in your business, where you're not winning or your team's not winning, and have you addressed it, or are you just kind of being sympathetic, empathetic, but honestly just scared to take the next step?” 

  • “You should be thinking about every single day if everyone on your team is winning. And if not, can you help them win? Can you support them? Can you get the mentorship? Can you be their mentor? Can you, you know, give the best of you? So you can also be the best coach inside of that organization.” 
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