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PowerHouse Brands

Oct 13, 2021

Los Silva and Mike Bernard - Head of PowerHouse Campaigns- dive into one of our PowerHouse’s success stories, Western Welder; and how they doubled their revenue using our Email and SMS campaigns, strategies, and systems. Learn how to utilize these free marketing channels to substantially scale your growth and up your lifetime value.
Quotes to remember: 
  • “I look at email and SMS like this: when people give you their phone number, email address, they want your offer. They want to buy something from you. So market to them.”
  • “So in May, right before he started working with us, his total store revenue was $140k. 9% came from email. After their first month of working with us, we implemented SMS. We actually scaled back ads a little bit. He still bumped up his total store revenue by almost $20K, and email and SMS that first month accounted for 43% (revenue). So jumped up from 9% to 43% (revenue). And if you think about, you know, what that looks like to your profit margins, right? That's insane.” 
  • “If you're sending traffic to your site, which you probably are, you need to be collecting their phone number and email.”
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