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PowerHouse Brands

Oct 26, 2021

Los Silva chats with Justice Jubilee (Founder of Bucket Culture) and Stratton Brown (Serial Entrepreneur) on the crude realities of entrepreneurship. From hardships and mindset building,  to “friendtorships,” and why being boring and consistent while compounding slowly is better than explosive growth; this episode gets us incredibly personable and approachable to three successful businessmen and what it really took to scale and grow to where they individually are. 
Quotes to remember: 
  • “They see a screenshot of a success story and they think like, that's all I got to do. Like, all you gotta do is that. And, in reality,  it took you five years, 20, 30, 50, a hundred thousand dollars, fights with your friends, your family, and ignorant, ignorant people hating on you. You have to build your own personal development.” 
  • “Once they see success, it all starts to make sense.” 
  • “Now people want to get rich. But I'm trying to get wealthy [...]. What's my net worth going to be in a bit. And the conversation starts to switch when you start to really think like that.”
  • “As an entrepreneur, it's important to know what you don't know.” 
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